Omah’s Malaysian Cuisine

Located on Burwood road towards the Glenferrie road corner, this is a cute locate Malaysian place that offers chilli crab. Yes, Chilli crab! If you have ever been to Singapore and had chilli crab and came back to Australia craving the same thing but failed to find it… this is really good news.

We had a coupon which offered us a 5 course and added an chilli crab on the side.

As an entree we started with soft shell crab, duck sang choy bao and roti with peanut sauce. The soft shell crab was generous with seasoning, almost too generous in my opinion but every one else on the table didn’t seem to mind. The curry powder on the chilli crab was new to me, I didn’t mind it but I still think I prefer Japanese styled fried soft shell crab.


The duck sang choy bao has an abundance of sauce in it. The duck was tender and cooked just right but I found it too salty and too much sauce to eat together.

The roti with peanut sauce was nothing special, it wasn’t fresh made roti.


Mains we got buttered chicken, chilli prawn and balachan beans. The butter chicken was a lovely surprise, it was deep fried with a creamy buttery twist to it. I was expecting something more of a curry butter chicken and it was nothing as I imagined. I kept going back for more.


Chilli prawns had an amazing sauce where there were tanginess of tomato sweetness and chlli burst. The sauce had egg whites laced in for extra smoothness. The prawn infused with flavour.


Balachan beans had great prawn fragrant in it, sadly the beans were too soft for my liking. Still it’s a good dish


Finally it came time for the chilli crab. We got one crab to share between four people which was enough given how much else we ordered, it was just right. The sauce in that crab was unbelievebly good, it taste sweet and tangy at first, then the spiciness hits you after. The crab meat was sweet and fresh, went together beautifully. I just wish they would offer a noodle base option. That sauce with noodles would have been perfect. The sauce was so good, D got a container to take away the remaining sauce.


For dessert there was pandan sago (hot or cold) and mango pudding. 

The pandan sago was in a beautiful coconut milk with gula malaka in it.


The mango pudding was smooth in texture but nothing amazing about it.


As drinks, the boys went with beer, K and I got Teh Tarik and we found the size difference between the hot and cold to be quite funny.

Overall, 13.5/20. The food in general was alright. The crab was the highlight. Service levels could be better, wasn’t attentive on a quiet night. Felt we got a bit of the “oh that table is using a groupon” vibe. The waitress forgot our crab order, took ages to get us our drinks and looked very lost. Another waitress just appeared lazy to me. In general, feels like the waiting staff could do with more training and dedication to their roles.


….. Enjoying life, one bite at a time